About Us

Our Mission

RECROP, an initiative supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (www.COST.eu), stands at the forefront of combatting the increasing threat of climate change on global food security. Our diverse consortium of experts collaborates to confront the challenges posed by climate change on crop resilience. We are committed to deciphering the basis of crop sensitivity during reproduction and developing sustainable strategies to boost yields in the face of a changing climate.

Our Approach

By integrating expertise in genetics, molecular science, plant physiology, bioinformatics, agronomy, and engineering, RECROP aims to uncover the genetic and physiological factors influencing crop sensitivity to extreme environmental stresses. Through sharing experience and information from state-of-the-art methodologies, we seek to identify key genetic markers and pathways, laying the groundwork for the development of robust crop varieties.

Our Commitment

RECROP fosters a culture of collaboration among researchers in Europe and beyond. We provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and actively support the next generation of scientists, fostering innovation in the field of crop resilience.

Our Working Groups

  • WG1: Tools to decode stress response and tolerance of crop reproduction
  • WG2: Effects of abiotic stresses on reproductive tissues and their relevance for yield
  • WG3: Improvement of crop yield under suboptimal environmental conditions using genetic approaches
  • WG4: Dissemination, Training and Stakeholder Engagement

Join Us

Are you driven to make a difference in enhancing crop resilience and ensuring global food security amidst climate challenges? Join RECROP in our mission to fortify crops, forge a sustainable future, and contribute to global resilience. For more information on becoming a RECROP member, click here. RECROP started in November 2023 and will remain active till October 2027.